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The encouragement of young scientists and students

According to new concepts of professional higher education reforming preparation of experts of the higher skills on priority directions such as chemistry, chemical physics and biochemistry of scientific schools should be radically changed in our country. World experience of development of science and education shows, that the only way to meet the requirements can be achieved by close integration of universities with the academic and branch sectors of science carrying out basic and applied scientific researches. One more important side is interaction of scientific - educational structures with administrative bodies of region and federal bodies. An example of such integration is cooperation in the field of education, science and professional trainings between ISMPM and TambSTU, formalized as a long-term contract.

According to this contract TambSTU controls and directs the performance of masters and candidates theses carried out by students and post-graduate students. The scientific - educational laboratory (SEL Solid phase technologies) has been created. It deals with the problems including the development and organization of educational process for students and post-graduate students in a system of chemical-technological education. Its activity is also concerned with the organization and working out of basic and applied researches at a world level fulfilled by students, masters, post-graduate students and young experts by means of science intensive technological innovations.

Training of experts in the field of new chemical technologies is conducted in the Institute of macrokinetics and problems of materiology of the Russian Academy of Science. The comfortable hostel for students and post-graduate students on 30 places with three lecture halls has been constructed. Leading scientists of ISMPM RAS, with great experience of research and teaching work, deliver lectures on the general and structural macrokinetics, theories of burning and detonation, self-propagating high-temperature synthesis, chemistry and technology of organic and inorganic materials, autowave processes in nonlinear dynamics, mathematical modeling, physical and technical materiology, etc. ISMPM RAS has an experience in creating small enterprises and organizations of their activity.

Beginning with 1991 ISMPM RAS regularly carries out international symposiums on HTSS in the different countries with participation of young scientists. Beginning with 2003, three All-Russia Master classes on macrokinetics for young scientists have been conducted, in 2005 the International School - conference on an innovative way of development of a science and engineering was conducted, in 2006 a conference Scientific schools of Chernogolovka for youth has been conducted. These scientific actions play an important organizing and directing role in studying the problems concerning new solid phase chemical technologies. Young scientists of REC TambSTU-ISMPM participate in various competitions and conferences. For example, post-graduate student Bazhin P.M. became the winner of competition Young talents, conducted within the framework of III innovational forum of Rosatom(on June, 16, 2008, President hotel, Moscow). In November, 2007 All-Russian school-seminar for young scientists and teachers, post-graduate students, students and managers of small enterprises was organized on the basis TambSTU. It was aimed at the selection of innovational projects for participation in Program UMNIK. Innovational management in sphere of high technologies. Post-graduate student Zavrazhin D.O. with the project The basic directions of development and perfecting of technology of processing of polymeric composites in a solid phase has become one of the winners of the program.

At scientific-educational centre two small enterprises are organised. They are SINTEL PROGRESS and Sirius-͔. Primary activity of these innovational enterprises is realized by young scientists of REC TambSTU-ISMPM. The results of this activity have been reported by Zavrazhin D.O. and Bazhin P.M. at the international conference Practical Issues of Financing Technology Transfer. How to Deal with Investors, conducted by CRDF (Kazan, on March, 27-28, 2008).

According to the requirements to estimation of the application, not less than 15 % of the general financing will be allocated by REC TambSTU - ISMPM of the Russian Academy of Science on financial support of students, masters, post-graduate students, young scientists and teachers.

The statistical data on development of SRAS in REC Solid phase technologies" for 2008 - 2011

SRAS 2006. 2007. 2008. 2009.
Amount of the students receiving the salary in SEC/td> 16 35 50 60
Amount of winners of competitions among the students working in SEC 8 15 20 -
Amount of the post-graduate students receiving the salary in SEC 3 5 6 8
Amount of winners of competitions among the post-graduate students working in REC 5 5 6 -
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