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Русская версия English version REC-019 "Solid-phase technologies"
Aims and objectives

The aim of the project is scientific, organizational, methodic, technical development and improvement of potential of created profile scientific-educational center TambSTU – ISMPM for the scientific research development on priority lines in the field of solid phase chemical intensive technological innovations on basis of integration of universities and academic institutes; preparation of highly qualified stuff in accordance with up-to-date concepts of professional education reforms.

The basic scientific purposes of the project are the following:
  • Organization and carrying out of scientific researches on a level with world standards put into practice by students, post-graduates and young specialists in the field of solid phase technological innovations;
  • Working out of physical material and rheological foundations of the control of ceramic and composite materials microstructure formation under high-temperature warping on conditions of solid phase extrusion;
  • Analysis of possible ways of the obtaining of nanocrystal materials using the method of solid phase extrusion;
  • Organization and accompanying of applied research projects in the field of commercial activities of science intensive technologies in collaboration with investment organizations.
The basic scientific purposes in the field of education are the following:
  • Working out and organization of educational process for the students in the system of chemical-technological education directed on science intensive solid phase chemical technologies;
  • Giving the students an opportunity to get supplementary professional skill in the field of management and commercial activities of chemical technological innovations;
  • Analysis of informational technological innovations in education, practical realization of the problems concerned with infotainment in education;
  • Organization of integration between the levels of academic and institute of higher education science, training, retraining and raising the level of skills, preparation of skilled stuff according to the leading scientific institutions;
  • Working out of lecture courses, methodic aids for implementation with the help of up-to-date methods of specific practice work and laboratory research analysis;
  • Conducting of technological industrial practical work for the students from universities based on technological purposes of TambSTU and ISMPM;
  • Enlargement of international contacts with the leading universities of the world in order to set up joint organization of scientific and educational processes for raising the level of specialists’ skills and training;
  • Retraining of academic stuff of classical and technical universities on basis of the courses delivered by leading scientists of the scientific centre of Russian Academy of Science in Tchernogolovka and SEC of TambSTU – ISMPM;
  • Training of higher professional skilled specialists on basis of post graduate school and school for doctor’s degree of ISMPM, retraining and raising the level of specialists’ skill and conducting fieldwork at the laboratories of SEC of TambSTU – ISMPM;
  • Making up lyceum groups for the last year pupils of Comprehensive schools in Tchernogolovka and Tambov according to the specialization of TambSTU and ISMPM, involving the pupils in scientific work.
  • Organization of preparatory courses for the institutes of higher education.
REC-019 TambSTU ISMAN Solid-phase technologies
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