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Events July-December 2008
Jume 28 - July 19, 2008

Summer Camp of english language
Intensive english language training (IELT) for young scientists was organized by CRDF (in accordance with BRHE-program) on the base of REC-019 and Tambov State Technical universities . июля 2008 года
REC-019 participants:
Irina Kobzeva, Dmitry Kobzev, Polina Kombarova, Yuliya Kozlukova.
Alena Loseva, Dmitry Zavrazhin
September 16 - October 20, 2008

10-th International Conference HIGH PRSSURES - 2008 Fundamental and applied aspects
The conference contribuributed to the expansion of informational share and intensification of scientific research in the field of fundamental and applied aspects of science about high pressure that is a dinamically developing branch of physics and material science.

The following works of the REC were reported:
  1. Gennady Baronin, Alexandr Stolin, Dmitry Pugachev, Dmitry Zavrazhin, Dmitry Kobzev.
    Comparative molcular-relaxational and structural-mechanical properties ofsuperhigh-molecular polyethylene composites after their solid- and liquid-phase extrusion.
September 29 - October 3, 2008

I international conference "Functional materials and high-purity substances"The conference is to provide a professional discussion and coordination of scientific and research works on "Functional nano-materials and high-purity substances", share of scientific and technical information on the fundamental basics of functional nano-materials receiving (including metallc, ceramic, polymer, and composits), their properties and use.

The following works of the REC were reported:
  1. Pavel Bazhin, Alexandr Stolin
    The receiving of solid-smelted materials with submicron structure by the method of SHS-extrusion
  2. Gennady Baronin, Alexandr Stolin
    Solid-phase extrusion for processing of composite materials
  3. Kristina Voropaeva, Gennady Baronin, Dmitry Zavrazhin
    Economical aspects of the use of solid-phase technology for the production of polymers and composites
  4. Dmitry Zavrazhin, Gennady Baronin, Vyacheslav Dmitriev, Dmirry Kobzev, Alexey Razinin
    The research of the structure and properties of ABS and superhigh-molecular polyethylene after their processing by the method of solid phase extrusion with the application of magnetic fields
  5. Dmitry Pugachev, Dmitry Kobzev, Gennady Baronin, Alexandr Stolin
    Research of the process of solid-phase extrusion of polysulfon, modified with nano-modified carbon material
  6. Lubov Stelmakh, Alexandr Stolyn, Gennady Baronin
    Mathematical simulation of solid--phase extrusion of composit materials
October 20-22,2008

PAN-REC - conference, devoted to the 10-th anniversary of BRHE-programm
The conference took place on the base of Nizhny Novgorod State University. One of the key points of the conference was the discussion on the plans of BRHE-programm development after 2010.

The participants from the REC-019 Gennady Baronin, Vladimir Tarov, Sergey Ivanov, Dmitry Zavrazhin, Alexey Razinin
November 26-28,2008

The VI All-Russian school-seminar on structural macro-kinetics for young scientists
The schol-seminar is planned to be taken On november 26 – 28, 2008 on the base of ISMAN. The conference is to involve the leading scientific centers on SHS, combustion, explosion, detonation and contemporary material science.

The participants from the REC-019 Dmitry Zavrazhin, Irina Kobzeva, Dmitry Kobzev, Polina Kombarova, Yuliya Kozlukova.
December 5-6, 2008

The conference for young scientists «Disbalance processes in the dense media» DPDM-2008
Research Educational Center «Disbalance processes in the dense media», Perm State University and the Institute of dense media mechanics of Ural department of RAS are conducting the conference for young scientists "isbalance processes in the dense media" on December 5-6, 2008.

The participants from the REC-019: Dmitry Zavrazhin, Alexey Razinin.
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